Hard to decide between Kodiaq and 5008

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  1. Pankh

    Pankh Banned

    I know this is a Skoda forum but I have a hard time to decide. I feel like the Kodiaq feels like a car, but the 5008 does not have as standard.

    I would love the pick the Kodiaq but I feel like I am buying a car that lacks all the fun tech and gadgets that the 5008 provides.

    Can someone give me some points to keep me on track with the Kodiaq or any other opinions?

  2. Bakkertje

    Bakkertje Forumguru

    Which fun tech and gadgets are you referring to @Pankh ?
    The Kodiaq in Style Business trim is a very complete car in my opinion (I don't know how it compares to the 5008)

    Try this link for the comparison: https://www.autoweek.nl/carbase_data.php?id1=93299&id2=68477

    And a comparison video:

    Most of all, do a testdrive in both cars...
  3. elsinga

    elsinga Forumguru

    My two most important features when choosing the Kodiaq over teh 5008: space and towing wigth (the 5008 can tow but the weight of the 5008+ trailer is much lower than the max combined weigth... so towing max will need te 5008 to be empty...).
  4. Racer01

    Racer01 Lid Donateur

    Infotainment on the Peugeot is just rubbish!
    Looks nice and all but it's everything but logical. A simple adjust of the sound system is just 10 level deep in the menu. The navigation is not flexibel at all, etc.
  5. hemi24

    hemi24 Forumguru

    Choose a Peugeot!
    You’ll only make this mistake once... :banghead:

    Quality of build is very poor when you compare a Peugeot to a Skoda.
    So spend your money wise and go for the Kodiaq!
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  6. aiva tco adoks

    aiva tco adoks Forumguru

    One option, the kodiaq.
    I dont like french cars and french people...
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  7. Duijzer

    Duijzer Forumguru Donateur

    At the side of sustainability: how many Peugeot 308 SW's are sold in , let say, 2004-2005? And how many Octavia's? Look around on the road, you still see many Octavia's of that years, but a 308 SW is a curiosity.......
    And that's not because of people like the design so much they put them in shacks and keep them....
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  8. MennoW

    MennoW Forumguru

    It’s not even slightly a choice, it’s an absolute no brainer.
  9. Peter-036

    Peter-036 Forumguru Moderator

    You apparently will find there is a bias for the Kodiaq here :D, I wonder, could people here be better informed, (simply clever;)) or just generally in favour of VAG and - more specific - Skoda cars?

    Oh, by the way, @Pankh there is a rule about this forum generally being in Dutch language, but exemptions can occur and, if you have not been back in a week, i'll close the topic:).
  10. CharlesTucker

    CharlesTucker Forumguru

    I am curious if you asked the same question on a Peugeot forum, and got completely opposite advice ;).

    But, somewhat more serious, I am driving a fairly loaded Octavia, and not missing any gadgets or fun-tech. Skoda's, like Volkwagen, might at first sight appear somewhat dull compared to the French cars (Peugeot, Citroen), but once driving them you will notice it "just works". For me personally, in the showroom I might pick the Peugeot, because I somewhat like the looks, inside and outside, but for actually using it (which I guess is your intention as well), no doubts the Skoda. So my advice, look a bit beyond the showroom, try to imagine driving it for a long time, difficult that may be though. The tech might look cute, but does it actually work in an intuitive way, while busy negotiating busy traffic?
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  11. MennoW

    MennoW Forumguru

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  12. Corné de Kluijver

    Corné de Kluijver Forumguru Donateur

    @s-line...... where the f*** are you?

    :deuk: :deuk:
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  13. Cordoba

    Cordoba Forumguru

    Which gadgets do you mean, electrical problems, not starting or other failures?
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  14. s-line

    s-line Forumguru

    Ik kan geen Engels dus dit gaat boven mijn pet....@ corne de Kluijver
  15. Bakkertje

    Bakkertje Forumguru

    Ik denk dat @Pankh op het Peugeot forum is blijven hangen.. :pardon:
  16. aiva tco adoks

    aiva tco adoks Forumguru

  17. s-line

    s-line Forumguru

    Maar smaak heeft hij wel! Dat moet ik wel toegeven:nailbiting::tongue: alhoewel ik de 5008 persoonlijk minder mooi vind dan de 3008. En zelf heb ik de ruimte sowieso niet nodig
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  18. leon-cupra

    leon-cupra Forumguru

    "Google translate" zal je beste vriend worden ;)
  19. s-line

    s-line Forumguru

    Daar klopt geen reet van joh
  20. Canon-Eye

    Canon-Eye Forumguru

    Hoe weet jij dat dan? ;)
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