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  1. fredro

    fredro Nieuw lid

    Hello ,

    In the manual it says the Kodiaq has 3 bands , FM , DAB and MW . When I look for the MW I can not find it , can someone help me please ?

    Regards ,


  2. andrehj

    andrehj Forumguru Donateur

    If you're looking for a Skoda-forum where English is the language used, you'd better have a look at Briskoda.
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  3. Jooo...

    Jooo... Forumguru Donateur


    Normally when you press the radio button it switches from fm to mw.

    In my octavia is it like this so i think there is not a big difference.

    And like @andrehj said you can look at the briskoda forum. It is completely english. Maybe you can find other tips in the language you speak.

  4. fredro

    fredro Nieuw lid

    HI ,

    My Kodiaq is new as of yesterday , just got back from delers and I am informed the MW/AM functie is removed from new models , this is down to the DAM function . Now my question is can I receive English stations on DAB in the Netherlands.

    Thanks for any direction you can offer .
  5. hemi24

    hemi24 Forumguru

    probably better and easier to stream music from an internet radio-app using your mobile phone..?
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  6. Rosinfield

    Rosinfield Forumguru Donateur

    You mean DAMN function?
  7. hemi24

    hemi24 Forumguru

    No, it's DAMN+ :deuk:
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  8. Rosinfield

    Rosinfield Forumguru Donateur

    O yeah, of course.
  9. Rallye

    Rallye Forumguru

  10. fredro

    fredro Nieuw lid

    Thanks Rallye ,

    Very clear overview of what's available .
  11. Antera

    Antera Forumguru Donateur VCDS support

    The AM functie you can activate again iff it is possible fot the MW function I have to check this
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  12. Rallye

    Rallye Forumguru

    @Antera Is het bij de nieuwe modellen niet gewoon technisch onmogelijk om AM te ontvangen?
  13. Huibdos

    Huibdos Senior Member

    Dear Fredro, (aangepast :)
    It would be appreciated when you introduce yourself in the 'Meet and Greet' topic.
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  14. fredro

    fredro Nieuw lid

    Hi Huibdos ,

    My sincere excuse for this incident , I am a complete newbie to this arena and did not see the header of " meet & Greet" .
    Just scrolled through and unfortunately can not see it , any direction would be appreciated .

    Hartelijk Bedankt .

    Fredro and not Fredo ................minor detail , toch !
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  15. Rallye

    Rallye Forumguru

  16. Disaster-Master

    Disaster-Master Forumguru

    AM is de modulatie techniek; amplitude modulatie; MW, Medium Wave, ofwel middengolf is het deel van het frequentie spectrum.

    Dat kan toch elke auto radio ontvangen?
  17. elsinga

    elsinga Forumguru

    I can turn off MW/AM reception on my radio in my Octavia though the menu. Maybe you can turn it on there on yours?
  18. Antera

    Antera Forumguru Donateur VCDS support

    Ifff we activate AM the MW come's with it?
  19. fredro

    fredro Nieuw lid

    Dear all ,

    Appreciate all the comments , however I believe I'll be going down the route that hemi24 suggested and stream it , tested on phone today and it was a very good reception .

    Thanks one and all .

  20. elsinga

    elsinga Forumguru

    AM is the modulation (Amplitude Modulation), MW the frequency band (Mittel Welle, german for Middengolf, or 522kHz tot 1602 kHz). Just like FM (Frequency Modulation) is associated in cars/radio's with 87.5(or 76) MHz to 108 Mhz, but FM is used on lots of different frequency bands (27MHZ CB, 10m/2m/70cm HAM Radio to name a few).

    So, basically, in a car radio, AM means MW.
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